Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Story of Us

If the story of us had a genre, it would be a comedy. 

Here's a little about how we met, lets rewind back to September 26, 2010. 

I saw RJ at church and was immediately impressed. He was so cute! Plus he was taking notes ;) (he later informed me that was the ONLY Sunday he was taking notes). 
We then saw each other the next night at FHE. He couldn't stop staring at me! (more like I couldn't take my eyes off of him...) 

Anyway, we started skipping FHE to hang out on Monday nights. Needless to say I pretty much failed my Monday night class! 

December 2010 
(silly faces)

December 2011
(Family pictures! Wow! We're getting MARRIED!)

Look how far we've come!