Friday, March 23, 2012

Wedding Hoop-la

Ok so I must admit, wedding planning kinda sucked at first. Scrambling to and fro trying to call every last place in Utah to reserve the venue, get the dress, caterer, cake, and the list goes on. Buuuut since that I have all that done, it's nice to get to relax and not worry about someone stealing the date! I will dare say that we pretty much have everything planned, we are just figuring out decorations for the reception now. Which is the fun part, WAAAHOOO!
Completed:                                            To do:
Temple                                                  Finalize favors
Reception Venue                                    Finish printing invites/photos
Luncheon Venue                                     Reception decorations!
Have taken engagements/bridals

Almost there! Time is going by SOOO slowly though... RJ lets just elope :) Please?

Monday, March 12, 2012


We had bridals this past Saturday! SOOOOO thankful it was nice weather out! And again thanks to our wonderful friend and photographer, Kyra Cummings. She was a trooper, we took pictures for almost 5 hours! It was so fun to wear my dress and get all dolled up :) I think RJ secretly had lots of fun too! ;) 


Invitations are about halfway done! WAHOO! Thanks to my good friend Kyra who has been such a help with designing them, gathering the supplies and printing them! This whole box is full and it's only half! 225 more to go for all the folks in California :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

60 Day Home Run Engagement Stretch

60 days precisely until we get married! So, to help resist temptation and prepare ourselves for the temple, I have issued a challenge for us!

Finish the Book of Mormon by May 4th (272 pages left to go, completely possible)
Attend the temple once a week
Pray together more often
Study the Pearl of Great Price
Be aware that as the day grows nearer, thing will probably get harder!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


We had our engagement photo shoot today! It went well! RJ and I drove all the way out to Eagle Mountain with my good friend/ bridesmaid/ invitation designer/maker / reception decor advisor/ photographer, Kyra Cummings. We had lots of fun and laughed a lot :) However it was really windy and chilled us to the bone! After about an hour and a half we were ready to call it quits because we didn't have coats on... NOT smart! I'm really excited to see how the pics turn out!